Postal questionnaires and scanning of results.

We at survey consulting enable your company to send out paper questionnaires. All questionnaires have an attached return envelope and a digital link for online responses.

All the projects are included in Examinare survey tool where you create and preview your questionnaire before you order printing.

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Ask for a quotation today on postal mailings or paper questionnaires.

Create the survey design or let us do it for you.

You can choose if you want us to create the questionnaire's content for you or you can create it yourself digitally in your survey tool. We have extensive experience in the design of postal mailings and can even combine mailings with digital methods of response such as login on website portal or SMS responses.

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Scanning and digital storage of submitted material.

We make sure that all the submitted information is scanned and saved in PDF format with all votes digitally connected by serial numbers. All the information can be traced to the submitted date. Our operators review all the results before accepting them as valid votes. Notes that have been made in the questionnaires are reported separately.

We make it easy for you to succeed with your postal questionnaires. Contact us today to begin.

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Price Quotation Request

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